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Substance Abuse Support Group

This program is designed to identify elders struggling with substance abuse issues, and who may be in need of intervention. A certified substance abuse clinician will begin an intervention by visiting the elder at home, and coordinate appropriate services for treatment. In addition, a group meets weekly to provide elders with a combination of support, education, socialization and therapy. Group topics will include exercise and recovery, loneliness, nutrition, gratitude, and frustration. The group gather will be followed by a meal, free of charge.

Elder Suicide Prevention Training

One caring person with the right information could have the potential to save someone’s life.

Loving Arm's is seeking to educate elder care providers, caregivers, and elders themselves. In order to allow for optimal participant interaction, we will maintain a small group training approach with a maximum of 12-15 individuals per session.

The training allows individuals to participate in realistic training exercises such as personalizing crisis, responding to an individual at risk or in crisis, and role play situations that one may encounter with older adults. The ability to build rapport with a person in crisis has been shown to be critical to the success of an intervention. This training emphasizes reducing anxiety in responding and increasing the ability to build rapport with an elder in distress.

The group gather will be followed by a meal, free of charge.

Core Components of the Training:
· Modes of Response
· Knowledge of available resources in the community
· Rapport building exercises
· Myths
· Statistics from latest research
· The ability to practice newly acquired skills
· No fee for participants