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We are here to enhancements self-preservation and physical dependence

Loving Arm's programs provide a break for you while fostering the well-being and independence of your loved one, preventing premature or unnecessary placement in a nursing home. Participants in our programs:

· Enjoy educational and recreational programs that challenge minds, keep bodies moving and lift spirits
· Participate in skilled rehabilitative and nursing therapies to improve physical, social and cognitive functioning
· Develop peer friendships in a safe, disability-friendly environment

Specialized adult day programs include:


Our intergenerational program brings together seniors and children in a safe and engaging environment. Grandparents and grandchildren have so much to share and can be a great source of joy to each other. Yet, they rarely have these opportunities. We offer a intergenerational programs bring both generations together in a structured environment where they can learn from each other - sharing their feelings, ideas, skills, and affection.

Unlike other informal and casual get-togethers, our intergenerational program was scientifically designed and research to encourage these interactions and allow our seniors to participate fully from disabled and frail elders to sufferers of dementia and Parkinson's.

Memory Support Program

An innovative activity-based program, this program maximizes client’s functional and cognitive abilities.

An individually-based program, our integrated medical, nursing, therapeutic and social service staff assess each participant. The staff then designs an individualized plan of care that focuses on each person's strengths.

The program includes a range of diversified cognitive and physical activities that are fun and productive for participants. In addition, the spiritual and social needs are met with group functions, religious services and relaxation programs.

Our participants with memory loss enjoy staying active and making friends in our safe and secure environment.

We help maintain your loved one’s independence with an evidence-based fitness program and rehabilitative therapies.

Developmental Disabilities

Our participants with development disabilities enjoy many group activities and work to increase their independence.

We provide individual and rehabilitative activities through specialized programs in our adult day health centers:

Participants with an acquired brain injury work closely with their peers toward greater independence, responsibility and integration into community life.

Comprised of groups based on aptitude level, participants strive to improve their thinking and community skills, practice using memory aids, and learn cooking and other abilities they can use at home.

We foster skills that help participants remain in their most independent living arrangement.

Program Components

Cognitive skill building – improve attention and concentration

Psychosocial support – mental, emotional, behavioral, social and spiritual

Vocational review and referral – clarify employment goals and build pre-work skills

Participants with developmental disabilities enjoy many group activities and work to increase their independence in our specialized program for adults with developmental disabilities.

All enrollees take part in group and individual rehabilitative activities and have access to skilled nursing services. A curriculum focused on functional living skills (such as bathing, dressing and mobility) helps participants become more independent.

Life Skills helps those who are most independent.

Our most self-directed participants with developmental disabilities study safety, nutrition, health, job skills and money management. Vocational review and referral is offered to those transitioning into the workforce or seeking activity in retirement.