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Loving Arms Adult Day Services employment services support people reach their goal of increased self-sufficiency and employment. Our staff provides planning services and supports so you can find a job which meets your individual needs and skills, and be successful in the career field of your choice.

Loving Arms Adult Day Services staff can help you develop an individualized career support plan and identify suitable job leads. You will not be placed into an employment “slot” which happens to be available. Rather, we will help you find a job which interests and challenges you. Staff can also assist you with writing customized resumes and cover letters and completing job applications. If you would like practice with your interviewing skills or have staff accompany you to job interviews, they are happy to do so.

Once you have been hired in a new job, Loving Arms Adult Day Services staff can assist you and your new employer in several ways to help ensure your success. Perhaps you could benefit from job accommodations, one-on-one job coaching, or job-keeping skills training. Staffs are also available to provide training for the employer on disability-related issues.

Loving Arms Adult Day Services supportive services for people with intellectual disabilities are innovative, person-centered, and flexible. Loving Arms Adult Day Services offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Individual assessment
  • Person-centered planning
  • Job placement / job coaching
  • Follow-up supports
  • Transition planning from school to work
  • Supported employment
  • Community integration
  • Life enrichment supports
  • Transportation

For people who are seeking to expand their opportunities by participating in non-vocational activities, Loving Arms Adult Day Services offers programs that address their individual interests and enrich their integration into community life.

People may benefit from activities such as volunteering with local organizations, recreational activities and community outings, exercise and health-related activities, art and music therapies, discussion groups, social skills development, behavior management, and customized respite.