· Library
· Computer Training
· Life Skills
· Vocational Training
· Music Room (lessons)
· Reading Groups
· Religious Activities
Monthly birthday parties
All guests are invited. Families and friends may be invited to participate. Volunteers often help to bring members to the party and join in the fun. Celebrations of various holidays, both secular and religious. Holidays are particularly difficult times for those away from their own homes, families, and friends. Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, and Memorial Day are a few examples
· Music Room (listening)
· Movie Room
Musical events
The joy of music can be enjoyed actively or passively depending on the abilities of the guests. We provide sing-alongs, instrument lessons, karaoke, and more. The involvement of volunteers, families, and friends is crucial to the success of our music. Occasionally we host concerts given by a church or school group and friends.
Arts and Crafts & Socializing
· Scrapbooking
· Quilting
Group Readings
With our onsite library we have of books for our guests to explore. Our Staff and Volunteers also assist in readings.

Coffee or Social hours
With varying social hours we provide a time for guest, family, staff and volunteer interaction.
· Board games
· Cards & Games
· Nintendo Wii
Games foster
Both one-to-one relationships and group activity. Bingo is a favorite for many, but bridge, chess, and other games for smaller groups are available. We also have board games ranging from scrabble, monopoly, scrabble, nintendo wii and much more. Sign up today for our Quarterly Bridge and Pool Tournament!
· Dancing
· Outings
· Shopping
· Transportation
· Gardening
· Exercise and Fitness
Outdoor activities include gardening, cookouts, exercise or just enjoying time in the sun alone or with a friend.

Exercise fun and physical fitness
We have several Community leaders that volunteer to lead yoga or other exercise sessions. Fitness programs designed to meet the needs of all guests.
Additional Services & Amenities
· Dining Hall
· Laundry Services