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Our Mission Statement

At Loving Arms our Staff is dedicated to helping each individual achieve and maintain the highest level of independence and involvement within the home by focusing on current strengths, abilities and interests.

Core Values

We will provide an enjoyable working environment where individual's ideas and concerns will be heard and respected. The environment will be teamwork oriented. We will continually provide resources for the development of all employees.

We will provide the highest-quality products and services to our partners while operating ethically with all companies and individuals.

We will invest wisely in the future, looking for opportunities to add products and services that will benefit our partners and Loving Arms.

The Loving Arms Story

Our company started when we were faced with the heart-wrenching responsibility of providing around the clock care for our frail, aging mother in law. Our options were either home care or the sterile, impersonal environment of a traditional long term care facility. My mother in law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2005 and Chris being the only child our lives were altered dramatically.

Through a myriad of trials and tribulations we persevered. We were forced to allow strangers in our home and deal with the consequences of dishonesty and lack of privacy it entailed. We have experienced the inconsistency of dependable assistance and occasionally the ordeal of even a no show.

We pondered placing her in a nursing home which would have required relinquishing all her worldly possessions to the State of Alabama. However, after endless hours of exhaustive research and soul searching, our family realized that providing quality care for the elderly was an experience we could embrace and share with other needy families.

Our goal is to provide a peace of mind to families that are going down the road we've travelled.

Our sleepless nights and tears shed, don't have to be your experience too. The services we provide will allow you and your family to attend events those traditional family oriented events again, such as: Graduations, sporting events, dinner and a movie or something as simple as running errands.

Our carefully screened Loving Arm's team members are trained to provide excellent service to seniors and peoples with other disabilities. We have strategically recruited a staff that love taking care of the elderly, and others with disabilities and who possess attributes of over 30 years of experience.
We are here, waiting for you..God Bless